Launching of the Long-Awaited Platform for Every Christian

Launching of the Long-Awaited Platform for Every Christian

E-polongo” the news and updates internet agency is the brain child of SoughtOut Studios, the multimedia company that took the advertising network by surprise early last year.
The idea of E-polongo was birth from the necessity of the church to strictly showcase her people, places and events without necessarily depending on the secular websites that are promoting anti-Christ values and lifestyles.  
E-polongo” is a combination of two languages. E which stands for “Electronic” in IT language as in “E-mail, E-ticketing and so on” and “polongo” which means “Sound the Alarm” in Yoruba language attest to the fact that the church must rise and fulfill her dominion mandate. The combination of these two words still add a balance to the Yoruba meaning as it were.
E-polongo sets to offer news and updates about our gospel artistes, DJs, Comedians, Authors, Actors, Dancers, Men of God, Church and Christian Events, Places of Worship and so on.
We aim to promote Kingdom values and principles. Also to highlight the fun, excitement and enjoyment loaded in Christianity and being a Christian. We are fully INTER-DENOMINATIONAL in operations.
It is also a product marketing, brand promotion and human resource avenue for every member. These and many more is what E-polongo promises to give generously to the body of Christ.
E-polongo is the place to be. E-polongo is where God is.

   You can follow us on Twitter: @Epolongo                          

   Our world class website is under construction please bear with us.

Ola Soetan
For: SoughtOut Studios


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